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Noir Bar Book Review: Great Cocktails and Great Movies

“Noir Bar,” curated by TCM and penned by the esteemed Eddie Muller, stands as an outstanding cocktail book that intertwines the allure of classic film noir with expertly crafted drinks. With iconic noirs like ‘The Asphalt Jungle’ and ‘The Phantom Lady,’ featuring legends such as Marilyn Monroe and Humphrey Bogart, Muller creates a captivating blend of cinema and mixology. The book’s allure is heightened by the inclusion of excellent illustrations, carefully chosen to represent both the cocktails and the films, making it a visually engaging experience that is hard to resist.

As my dad and I delved into the pages of “Noir Bar,” we quickly realized that this book is not a one-night affair; it’s a journey that could span a good year. This realization took on new significance for us, especially considering the absence of ‘Whiskey and A Movie’ on our beloved YouTube channel due to creative differences. However, “Noir Bar” emerged as a potential avenue to continue our exploration, offering the promise of special articles that marry the realms of noir cinema and mixology.

For enthusiasts of noirs and spirits like whiskey, vodka, and gin, this book proves to be a treasure trove. Beyond the classics, “Noir Bar” introduces a collection of under-seen gems that promise to infuse intrigue into date nights and weekend escapades. The book’s diverse selection caters to a broad spectrum of tastes, ensuring that it has something for everyone.

Whether you are a seasoned whiskey aficionado or harbor a love for vodka and gin, “Noir Bar” caters to a wide audience. Even if film noir isn’t your usual cup of tea, the inclusion of cocktails like The Hemingway Daiquiri, The Gimlet, The Left Hand, The Blacklisted, Dimple, and A Pinch ensures a flavorful journey for your taste buds.
Among the standout favorites, my dad and I were particularly drawn to ‘Dimple and A Pinch’ and ‘The Blacklisted.’ These concoctions not only tantalized our palates but also added an extra layer of enjoyment to our exploration of the book.

The meticulous pairing of classic films with expertly crafted cocktails adds a layer of sophistication to “Noir Bar.” It seamlessly merges the worlds of cinema and mixology, creating a unique and delightful reading experience. The absence of ‘Whiskey and A Movie’ on our YouTube channel may have left a void, but “Noir Bar” emerges as a promising alternative, providing a fresh perspective on the intersection of film and spirits.

In conclusion, “Noir Bar” is more than a cocktail book; it’s a celebration of cinematic history and the art of mixology. Eddie Muller’s curation and the book’s visual appeal make it a standout addition to the shelves of noir enthusiasts and cocktail connoisseurs alike. As we navigate through the tantalizing recipes and explore the lesser-known gems, “Noir Bar” proves to be a companion that enhances both our cinematic and gustatory adventures. Cheers to the perfect blend of noir and spirits!

Overall the book was amazing, if you’re a movie buff or a mixologist this book is definitely for you to enjoy and get lost into.

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