[News] Two ‘Fall’ Sequels in The Works; Filming on ‘Fall 2’ To Start June 2024

Lionsgate’s “Fall” released in August 2022, produced by the same minds behind “47 Meters Down,” was a gripping story of survival that left audiences on the edge of their seats. Fear was heightened to new levels.

Reports earlier this year hinted at a sequel, but now it appears that not one, but two sequels are in production. According to THR, Capstone Studios has approved the production of two sequels for Fall, and it has been confirmed that Fall director Scott Mann will be returning to oversee the production of these sequels.

Furthermore, Mann will take on dual roles as the co-writer and director for the third installment of the project.

The commencement of filming for Fall 2 has been scheduled for June 2024.

According to THR, the upcoming sequels, Fall 2 and Fall 3, will reintroduce characters from the original film. However, there will also be opportunities for the introduction of new characters.

Last year, the movie was able to accumulate a noteworthy $17.3 million in earnings from box office sales.

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