[News] “The Black Phone 2” Will Feature The Return of Ethan Hawke And The Rest of The Main Cast

Earlier this year, news broke out announcing that The Black Phone, directed by Scott Derrickson, will be receiving a follow-up sequel.

According to Deadline, Ethan Hawke will also be reprising his role as The Grabber in the upcoming film. According to a report by Deadline, The Black Phone 2 will feature the return of several notable actors.

These actors include Mason Thames, recognized for his roles in How to Train Your Dragon and Incoming, Madeleine McGraw, known for Toy Story 4 and Secrets of Sulphur Springs, Jeremy Davies from Justified, and Miguel Mora from The Black Phone.

The sequel to The Black Phone will be hitting theaters on June 27, 2025. The production companies Universal and Blumhouse are responsible for its release.

Additionally, it was revealed that Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill will write and produce the highly anticipated sequel. At present, there is no information regarding whether or not Derrickson will be resuming his role as director. More details to follow.

Last year, The Black Phone succeeded in generating a total of $161 million in revenue from box offices all around the world.

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