[News] New Mobile Game ‘Halloween: A Match Made in Terror’ Has Hit The App Store Just in Time For Halloween

Just in time for Halloween, a new mobile game has hit the app store, called Halloween: A Match Made in Terror.

This game features the infamous Michael Myers, who is once again on a rampage, ready to take on your smartphone screen with his iconic slashing abilities. Experience an exciting and enjoyable “Match 3” game where your objective is to gather objects to break free from Michael Myers.

Be cautious, for Michael Myers will advance closer to you with each incorrect move you make. Therefore, it is essential to carefully plan your moves to succeed. After breaking free from Smith’s Grove Sanitarium, you and the other inhabitants of Haddonfield are left to fend for yourselves on Halloween night. To survive, you must solve a series of progressively more challenging puzzles that utilize the classic symbols and imagery of the holiday. As you progress, you’ll acquire new skills and work to repair the damage caused by the night’s events in this once peaceful town.

To avoid any unwanted consequences, it is recommended to swiftly match those items without delay to stay ahead of any potential danger, as wise words from Dr. Loomis caution, “failure to do so may result in dire consequences.

The objective is straightforward: evade the grasp of Michael Myers on the night of Halloween. As you progress through each victorious confrontation, your position on the leaderboard will improve, increasing your chances of survival. The highest-ranking players will also receive added bonuses to aid them in their journey.

Looking for a thrilling and eerie experience? The App Store offers the official game download for your enjoyment.

For more information, please visit the following website: https://1978halloween.app/.

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