[News] New ‘Child’s Play’ Movie In The Works, Confirms Don Mancini

After the return of the beloved killer doll in “Chucky” Season 3: Part 2 on April 10, fans are left wondering if there are any future movies in the works.

During an interview with the Scream Dreams Podcast, Mancini disclosed that he is currently in the initial phases of creating a new addition to the beloved Chucky film series.

”Like anyone in this business, I want to do more things. At this point though if it’s only Chucky I’m totally cool with that,” Mancini explains. “I have other things I want to do. I’m working on a new pilot. I’m also, actually, in the early stages of working on a new Chucky movie. At this point, my goal is just to keep working.”

For now, Chucky will continue to captivate audiences on television. Be sure to don’t miss the highly anticipated debut of Season 3: Part 2, airing simultaneously on USA and SYFY on April 10th.

Excitingly, fresh episodes will be available on Peacock the day following their broadcast.

Below, you have the opportunity to view Don Mancini’s complete conversation with Scream Dreams.

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