[News] “Mickey’s Mouse Trap”; Horror Film on Beloved Disney Character Coming This March

Within a mere 24 hours of Mickey Mouse entering the public domain, news of a horror film featuring the beloved Disney character has already been announced.

Despite Disney’s extensive efforts to persuade Congress for multiple extensions, the expiration of the copyright for the iconic 1928 film “Steamboat Willie” on January 1, 2024, was inevitable.

As this significant date has arrived, the vintage cartoon and the depictions of Mickey and Minnie Mouse within it are now officially recognized as part of the public domain.

Breaking news! The latest development in the world of cinema is the revelation of a brand new horror/comedy movie called Mickey’s Mouse Trap.

Fresh off the presses, a captivating poster has been unveiled, leaving fans eager to learn more about this exciting project. While details are scarce at the moment, an exclusive summary on IMDB provides a glimpse into what awaits audiences:

On Alex’s 21st birthday, she finds herself trapped at the amusement arcade during a late shift. Determined to make her day special, her friends plan a surprise for her. However, their plans take an unexpected turn when a masked killer dressed as Mickey Mouse emerges, engaging them in a dangerous game that Alex must navigate in order to survive.

Although IMDB does not provide a specific release date, a tweet from @DiscussingFilm indicates that the movie is set to be released in March of the current year. If this information is accurate, it suggests that filming for the movie likely took place in 2023, with the intention of releasing it after January 1st.

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