[News] Melissa Barrera Will Not Be Reprising Her Role in “Scream 7”

According to the most recent digital publication of Variety magazine, Melissa Barrera, the lead actress in Scream and Scream VI, will not be reprising her role in the forthcoming movie, Scream 7. She has been fired her role in the forthcoming seventh installment due to purportedly anti-semitic content shared on social media.

“Filming had not begun, and development had been slow amid the actors and writers strikes. Now, Spyglass is expected to recalibrate plans following Barrera.”

-The Hollywood Reporter

It remains uncertain if Jenna Ortega will be making a return for Scream 7. There has been no confirmation regarding her involvement in the upcoming film.

As we continue to gain new information, keep an eye out for updates on this developing story.

At present, our knowledge regarding Scream 7 is somewhat limited. However, we can confirm that the forthcoming slasher sequel for Spyglass and Paramount will be helmed by Christopher Landon, known for his directorial works on Happy Death Day and Freaky.

The executive producers of both Scream and Scream VI, namely Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett of Radio Silence, will continue to maintain their positions. Chad Villella will also remain an executive producer for the film.

The franchise known as Paranormal Activity includes several installments. Landon had the honor of writing the second, third, fourth, and seventh of these installments. Additionally, he directed and wrote the screenplay for Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones.

As he embarks on his journey to Woodsboro, it is clear that he has a well-established reputation in the horror genre. His previous works demonstrate that he is well-suited to the Scream saga, as he possesses the necessary sensibilities.

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