[News] “Jennifer’s Body” Writer Diablo Cody Still Wants To Make a Sequel

Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of fans for Karyn Kusama’s 2009 horror film Jennifer’s Body.

People have begun to reassess the movie and recognize that it possesses more qualities than it was initially credited for upon its release. Megan Fox takes on the role of Jennifer, a cheerleader in high school who becomes possessed and targets her male classmates for murder.

Now, 15 years later, the film is being regarded as a feminist revenge story that was ahead of its time. This year, Diablo Cody, the writer of Jennifer’s Body, returns to the horror genre with her latest film Lisa Frankenstein, directed by Zelda Williams. Scheduled for release in theaters on February 9th, Cody recently joined the Boo Crew Podcast hosted by Bloody Disgusting to discuss the movie.

During a conversation with Diablo Cody and Zelda Williams, The Boo Crew had the opportunity to discuss Lisa Frankenstein’s upcoming theatrical release. Although the full interview will be published later, Bloody-Disgusting is thrilled to provide a sneak peek of some intriguing highlights. One of the topics covered was Cody’s reflections on Jennifer’s Body and her perspective on the film’s resurgence after several years.

“I mean it’s gotten progressively happier for me. At first I was like, I was excited about it obviously, but I was also a little bit salty because I remember thinking, well where was this audience when the movie came out. It was a critical, commercial failure. I was pretty humiliated to be perfectly honest with you. It was a rough experience having that movie come out. It was rough for me, it was rough for Megan [Fox]… [then] people started suddenly talking about it like it was a good movie, which I had thought all along.”

”At first I just thought, oh where was this audience when I needed it and then I realized they were like…seven,” Cody continues. “And then some people who maybe didn’t appreciate it at the time have come around and now I’m just like, there’s no saltiness, now I’m just happy.”

-Diablo Cody to Bloody-Disgusting’s Boo Crew Podcast

Despite the cult classic reputation that Jennifer’s Body has acquired in recent times, there has been no indication of any plans for a follow-up. Should the chance arise, would Diablo Cody be willing to revisit the world of the film for either a sequel or a TV show adaptation?

”YES! I wanna do a sequel, I am not done with Jennifer’s Body. I just need to find… I need to partner with people who believe it in as much as I do and that hasn’t really happened yet. I need someone to believe in it who has a billion dollars.”

-Diablo Cody to Bloody-Disgusting’s Boo Crew Poscast

Would you like to see a sequel to Jennifer’s Body?

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