[News] ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ is Blumhouse’s Highest Grossing Global Debut Ever

The path to the cinematic release of the beloved video game series Five Nights at Freddy’s has been a lengthy one, but the game’s enthusiastic supporters certainly demonstrated their loyalty to the murderous animatronic characters.

The opening weekend for the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie produced by Universal and Blumhouse was an enormous success, generating a whopping $78 million in revenue and taking the number one spot at the domestic box office. During its opening weekend, the movie premiered globally and earned a staggering $130.5 million.

What is truly striking about the extensive debut of Five Nights at Freddy’s is that it was released simultaneously on Peacock and in movie theaters, successfully disproving the assumption that day-and-date releases are detrimental to box office sales. Despite the movie being accessible at a low price point on Peacock, with subscriptions starting at $5.99 a month, there was still a significant turnout of moviegoers eager to experience it in theaters.

The opening weekend record-breaking revenue of $130.5 million may seem astounding, but just how impressive is it? Notably, this is the highest grossing global debut ever for the production company Blumhouse. Additionally, Emma Tammi’s horror film, which garnered this remarkable achievement, marks the biggest opening weekend for a horror film directed by a woman. It’s noteworthy that Blumhouse and Universal will be able to reap the majority of the profits since Five Nights at Freddy’s was created with a production budget of only $20 million.

It is important to highlight that the horror movie Five Nights at Freddy’s has set a new record for Halloween weekend with a domestic debut of $78 million, surpassing all previous records. This is just one of many records that the movie has already broken.

There is no doubt that additional films for Five Nights at Freddy’s are forthcoming. Stay tuned for further updates.

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