[News] Danny Boyle & Alex Garland Will Reunite for “28 Years Later”; New Movie To Start Brand New Tilogy

The highly anticipated sequel, 28 Years Later, will reunite director Danny Boyle and writer Alex Garland, the creative minds behind the successful 2002 horror film 28 Days Later.

Excitingly, this collaboration may just be the beginning of a series of sequels. According to T HR, the latest zombie thriller is set to be released to various studios, streamers, and potential buyers in the upcoming week. Multiple sources have confirmed this information. The sale and distribution of the film will be managed by WME, the agency representing Boyle and Garland. They will be responsible for presenting the package to interested parties and finalizing the deal.

In 2007, a sequel to 28 Days Later titled 28 Weeks Later was released, with Juan Carlos Fresnadillo directing and executive production by Boyle and Garland. Building on this success, Boyle and Garland now have their sights set on a new trilogy called 28 Years Later. The intention is for Garland to pen all three films, while Boyle takes the reins for the first installment.

Boyle and Garland will join forces with Andrew Macdonald, the original producer, as well as Peter Rice, the former head of Fox Searchlight Pictures. Rice was responsible for backing the British-made movie and its sequel during his time at Twentieth Century Fox. It’s not particularly surprising to hear this news, considering that Boyle and Garland have previously shown a desire to extend the franchise.

In fact, Boyle mentioned the possibility of a sequel during a special screening of 28 Days Later just a couple of years ago.

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