[News] According to Some Rumors, A New ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Might Be in The Works

As we approach the two-year mark since the debut of Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Netflix, a film that serves as a continuation of Tobe Hooper’s iconic horror masterpiece, fans of the franchise are naturally curious about what lies ahead.

And now, whispers of exciting new developments have started to circulate. Geek Vibes Nation has reported that a new film, potentially titled Texas Chainsaw Legacy, is currently being developed, with their source being “Movie insider Daniel RPK.

According to the website, the upcoming movie will delve into the outwardly tranquil appearance of Oasis Oaks, a gated neighborhood situated in rural Texas. Amidst the well-maintained lawns and heightened security measures, a family at the center of the story experiences the horrors of a life-or-death struggle when they come face-to-face with the notorious Leatherface and his eerie relatives on a deserted plot of land in close proximity.

While we typically refrain from sharing unverified rumors, it appears that Bloody Disgusting has also received information suggesting the existence of a forthcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre film.

Although we cannot currently verify the accuracy of the rumored title, Texas Chainsaw Legacy, or provide details about the plot, we will continue our investigation and anticipate uncovering more information as the year progresses.

Is it possible that the upcoming movie will follow the same path as the 2022 film and be released exclusively on Netflix? Whether or not this will happen is ultimately in the hands of Legendary. Keep an eye out for further updates as we gather more information.

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