New Images From The Set of “Beetlejuice 2” Released Online

Luna Moon Gothic graciously provides us with a sneak peek into the revitalized backdrop of Beetlejuice 2, painstakingly recreated to replicate the iconic town from the original film. The echoes of nostalgia from the first Beetlejuice reverberate as we witness the resurrection of these familiar surroundings. It is a sentiment I ardently hope can endure beyond the conclusion of filming and the director’s final call, with select structures retained as cherished keepsakes.

Luna Moon Gothic enthusiastically shared her exhilarating encounter while on set. In her vibrant post on Facebook, she expressed:

BEETLEJUICE 2 First Looks!!! Spooky Road Trip • BEETLEJUICE 2 Movie Set • East Corinth, Vermont. We traveled to East Corinth, Vermont to see the construction of the ‘BEETLEJUICE 2’ set! Everything is being reconstructed to match the first film. Ahhhhh!! You guys…I cannot believe I am here!!

Warner Bros. has made an official announcement that Beetlejuice 2 will make its debut in theaters on September 6, 2024. What makes this date particularly intriguing is that it coincides with the scheduled release of Marvel’s highly anticipated film, “Blade.” This convergence sets the stage for a thrilling cinematic clash.

The upcoming sequel serves as a continuation of the beloved 1988 film directed by Tim Burton. This film initially acquainted audiences with the mischievous and playful ghost known as Beetlejuice, skillfully portrayed by the talented Michael Keaton. Devoted fans will undoubtedly be delighted to learn that Keaton will be revisiting his iconic role in the sequel. Additionally, Winona Ryder will also be making a highly anticipated return, reprising her character Lydia Deetz.

Adding to the strength of the film’s cast is the inclusion of Jenna Ortega, renowned for her portrayal in Wednesday. Another valuable addition to the ensemble is Justin Theroux, whose character is currently cloaked in secrecy.

Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, the renowned team behind Burton’s Wednesday, have meticulously written the screenplay for this film. Under the auspices of Brad Pitt’s production company, Plan B, their vision is being transformed into a tangible reality.

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  • Cibdy Neuenfeldt July 2, 2023

    We were there today and it looks amazing especially the bridge and house. I wish we could know when the shooting was going to begin! Thank you big fans!

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