My Fair Zombie: A Musical Comedy with a Twist

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In today’s review, we take a closer look at Brett Kelly’s 2013 musical comedy, My Fair Zombie. Co-written by Trevor Payer, this film is loosely based on the play by George Bernard Shaw and is set in an alternate Edwardian England era (1901-1910) infested by zombies. The movie is now being rereleased by SRS Cinema, following Brett Kelly’s retirement from directing.

While this film may not be for those seeking an action-packed, gory zombie movie, My Fair Zombie offers a refreshing take on the horror genre. The story follows Lawrence, a professor of phonetics who meets a zombie woman and attempts to educate her in order to make her a proper lady. Sacha Gabriel is the star of this film, and as her character learns to speak and adopt proper behavior, her personality develops and charms the viewer.

The Blu-ray release of My Fair Zombie includes a new commentary track by Brett Kelly and re-recording mixer / sound editor Howard Sonnenberg, trailers, behind-the-scenes pictures, bloopers, a video about the actual stage adaptation of My Fair Zombie, and a 10-minute interview with the actors. The release also includes the feature film Spyfall, a non-horror parody directed by Brett Kelly, which is definitely worth checking out.

Overall, we give My Fair Zombie a rating of 3.5/5 for the film itself, 3/5 for the transfer quality, and 4/5 for the bonus features. If you’re looking for a unique, lighthearted take on the zombie genre, this film is definitely worth a watch.

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