MERCILESS CHRISTMAS – A Christmas HorrorDay Revenge/Slasher Film!!

Merciless Xmas is a revenge/slasher film about an ex-con who just came home to an estranged family during the holidays. As he attempts to rebuild his new life, a horrible tragedy befalls on his loved ones on Christmas Eve.  Obsessed with retaliation, he won’t stop until he’s had his vengeful blood filled killing spree.

Do you know Cindy Sanabria, also known as Slaughter Cin, the She-Wolf Empress of Gore? She is a well-known horror host, filmmaker, Effx artist, and content creator from the HOROR TOUR GUIDE and/or WOMEN OF COLOR IN HORROR. With the support of her fans, she was able to complete her latest film, HORROR ABLE, which is a documentary about horror creatives with disabilities. Now, she is working on a new film that promises to get audiences excited for the holidays. Merciless Christmas is starring Eugene Clark (Land of the Land) and Apache Ramos (The Warriors).

The indiegogo campaign is currently underway, and she invites everyone to support it and be a part of horror history.

To support the project, CLICK HERE

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