Mean Spirited Review

“Mean Spirited,” the latest horror comedy directed by Jeffrey Ryan, unfolds as a tale of reconnection between two estranged friends, delving into buried emotions that resurface when past meets present. The narrative revolves around Andrew Castellano, an aspiring vlogger seeking fame, who embarks on a weekend getaway to the mountain cottage of his former friend turned famous actor, Bryce.

As Andrew attempts to bury the hatchet, it becomes evident that his transformation goes beyond a mere change in demeanor. Unbeknownst to Bryce, Andrew discovers a ghost from his past, adding a supernatural twist to their reunion. The central question looms: Can Bryce and Andrew overcome the childhood demons buried within them, or does Andrew harbor ulterior motives for the trip?

Andrew’s character, played with a man-child-like zeal by Will Madden, adds a layer of complexity to “Mean Spirited.” The film skillfully explores his internal struggles and desire for attention when he opens up to his actor friend. It becomes apparent that Andrew, once viewing Bryce as a sellout, now seeks validation and recognition. This dynamic sets the stage for a character-driven exploration of friendship, envy, and self-discovery.

Jeffrey Ryan’s direction masterfully balances the film’s tone, infusing it with lightness, ominous undertones, and humor. The result is a horror comedy that captivates audiences with its engaging narrative and well-crafted atmosphere. The pacing of the film keeps viewers on their toes, navigating through the complexities of friendship and the supernatural.

The strength of “Mean Spirited” lies not only in its narrative but also in its stellar cast. Jeffrey Ryan’s portrayal of Bryce is a knockout, capturing the essence of a famous actor grappling with unexpected revelations. Will Madden, in his role as Andrew, delivers a delightful performance that adds depth to the film. The chemistry between the two actors enhances the authenticity of their characters’ evolving relationship.

The film’s exploration of childhood wounds and the impact of fame on friendship resonates with audiences, making it more than just a horror comedy. The nuances in the characters’ interactions and the psychological elements woven into the story elevate “Mean Spirited” beyond typical genre fare.

In conclusion, “Mean Spirited” stands out as a well-crafted horror comedy that navigates the complexities of friendship and self-discovery. Jeffrey Ryan’s direction, coupled with standout performances from the cast, ensures an engaging and entertaining viewing experience. As the film seamlessly blends humor, horror, and character-driven storytelling, it proves to be a noteworthy addition to the genre. “Mean Spirited” succeeds in delivering laughs and chills while leaving audiences with reflections on the intricacies of relationships and the ghosts of our past that linger

Overall Grade: 3.5/5 Stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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