Mathilde Dehaye Interview for ‘The Overnight’ – Filming at a creepy hotel, Servant series, and more…

We at Infamous Horrors recently got to talk with the star of the new horror movie The Overnight. Mathilde Dehaye was delightful to speak to and I hope you all enjoy reading the interview.

Mathilde Dehaye: How are you AJ?

AJ: I’m good. How are you?

Mathilde Dehaye: I’m good. Thank you for having me.

AJ: So how did you get involved with The Overnight?

Mathilde Dehaye: They reached out to my agent after finding a profile they used to have on backstage. Um, they found me there and they reached out to my agent for me audition and we did that and, and then I got it.

AJ: And there was a lot going on in this movie. So what drew you into your character? Even more with how much really insane when you were watching it? So how did that read over the script when you were reading it?

Mathilde Dehaye: Yeah. Uh, well, I thought it was a great opportunity to do some wild some wild things. Yeah. And, um, as I said before they’re a very passionate team. And so, you know, they cared a lot about their making their vision come to life. And, and that drew me in very much.

AJ: And you’ve been working on some other stuff, including, you know, bigger projects that you were part of the ensemble cast. And this one, you got much more of a lead part in this. So how did that feel as well? Joining the overnight,

Mathilde Dehaye: Say again, how was, how was it to join the,

AJ: Yeah. How was that in the overnight being much more of a lead instead of an ensemble cast?

Mathilde Dehaye: Well, you know, I actually first got the overnight, uh, because we shot that in, in 2017. So that was the first, um, that was the first part that I, that was the lead, uh, you know, in, in, in a future film. And then I got castle rock and then I got servant. When I got it, I thought it was a great opportunity, you know, to explore what I had learned in, in school. And then, uh, as an artist, see where I could, what I could bring to life and, and where I could take myself with these people.

AJ: How was it like working with the rest of the cast on the overnight? Cuz everybody was just so great in the film too.

Mathilde Dehaye: Yeah. We actually really got along. It’s a big, uh, a big highlight of this is we made, I, we made really good friends. We just, you know, we went to see it together the other night and we went for a drink after and it says if it was yesterday and we all really get along and, and it was fun. Yeah. We were sleeping in that very hotel uh, so yeah, that’s cool.

AJ: and that had to be interesting sleeping in that hotel too, right?

Mathilde Dehaye Yeah. Yeah. It’s, it’s a bit of a creepy spot and just like, you know, they’re saying it’s easy to get lost in it. .

AJ: And what were some of your favorite moments on the set of the overnight?

Mathilde Dehaye: I guess one of what would so many of them would be working really late. Uh, even if I wasn’t shooting, I would be there at 3:00 AM, sometimes just hanging out because everybody, and it’s the truth for, you know, I don’t wanna say most projects, but it’s very common. Everybody is kind of half dead for real and you know, still going and trying to get that one shot and, and just, that’s always something that, uh, for me, the best part of my best memories are when I kind of step aside from myself and watch everybody come together, uh, you know, whatever time in whatever location, trying to make something that makes their heartbeat come to life is what gets me. So I have a few memories of zombies, us being to zombies, trying to have the right shot. Yeah.

AJ: And you, when you say you started filming this in 2017.

Mathilde Dehaye: Yeah.

AJ: So this had to be quite the journey of it, just, you know, the public now getting ready to see it. So how does that fill in that? You’re almost completing this journey for the overnight.

Mathilde Dehaye: Yeah, well, you know, it’s, they, these guys really worked hard at making it at making it viewable for everybody. Cause it was tough. They had a lot of, you know, setbacks and, and things happening. That’s also why it, it took a long time, but a lot of people give up in the process and it’s a common thing that people make a movie, but it never gets finished. And, uh, I admire that they really, you know, um, worked so hard at making it happen and I admire that and I respect that and, uh, and it was so fun to see the finished product and I believe they have, you know, something that they’re proud of. I feel they should be proud of it. Yeah, it’s really cool to see when people do it, you know, and stick to it.

AJ: And how was it like working with the director on the overnight too?

Mathilde Dehaye: Yeah, so, you know, uh, they were very, uh, freeing. Uh, they were not, you know, I haven’t worked with, with a thousand directors yet, so I don’t have too much comparison, but I believe they were exploring themselves something fairly new too, you know? So there were, there were not like, it’s not that there wasn’t one main boss, but, um, in terms of, um, character work and, and talking, you know, to me, they were very open to listening to what I had to say and just adjust me. And, and so I had a lot of freedom and I think today, when I see it, uh, my perfectionist part things, why did I do so little I could have done all these other things and it’s easier to say afterwards, but, uh, I guess giving me that space, that freedom and being willing to try together was, was part of my experience with them. Yeah.

AJ: So what’s next for you?

Mathilde Dehaye: Well, I’m currently, I’m still working on servant. I can’t say too much on that.

AJ: That’s one, my favorite current is right now on apple TV.

Mathilde Dehaye: They’re good. They’re really good.

AJ: And it’s amazing what they do in the 30 minutes too, in each episode.

Mathilde Dehaye: I know. And the fact that they have so many directors talking about, which that, you know, are able to make the same story, come to life like that with their own geniuses and, and, you know, uh, uniqueness is, is really cool. It’s really cool to, to be a part of and, you know, um, and night on is, you know, for a reason. And so it’s very, uh, it’s very, uh, it’s just very enlightening to be around people like that.

AJ: Well, thank you so much for joining me today. It’s been really fun and congratulations on the overnight.

Mathilde Dehaye: Thank you so much, AJ. Be well, take care.

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