‘Master’ Review: Regina Hall shines in this thriller (SXSW 2022 Coverage)

Master is another great selection out of SXSW this year that is going to be a breakout hit once it hits Amazon Prime Video, it features an all-star cast including a never better Regina Hall. On paper the premise is not that spectacular, it’s a simplistic plot, however, when the film gets going it grips you enthusiastically instantly, with enthralling performances including finally seeing Regina Hall whom I previously mentioned give us some range that we have not seen much of. While she is excellent with her comedic timing in movies like Scary Movie, and Keanu, she is on a whole other level here. The breakout star of this film will be Zoe Renee in her first thriller, she shines like a shooting star on the screen.

The direction by Mariama Diallo is energetic enough to keep you guessing and gasping till the very last frame, production design is also stunning to look at with the campus grounds acting like their own character in Master. It’s also another great addition to horror movies that take place in Boston, and how they treat people of color in the film on the campus is also a tough watch. Though The Master has a lot going for it, I did feel as if the final act was a little rushed.

Out of our SXSW coverage at Infamous Horrors virtually this has been one of our favorite films we have caught so far, and is up there with Shining Girls for the best out of the festival, noting that we haven’t been able to go in person screenings of a lot of films this year, Master is sure to be on everyone’s mind when it premiers on Amazon Prime Video.

Overall Grade: 3.5/5 stars

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