Malum Review: A Remake That Goes Toe to Toe With The Original

“Malum” is now currently playing in select theaters.

MALUM is a bold and expanded reimagining of the 2014 horror cult classic, LAST SHIFT. On a search to uncover the mysterious circumstances surrounding her father’s death, a newly appointed police officer, Jessica Loren (Jessica Sula) is assigned to the last shift in a decommissioned police station where a notoriously vicious cult saw their demise years prior. The lone officer at the station, she soon finds herself barraged by terrifying paranormal events, and in the process, is taken on a journey during which she learns the shocking truth behind her family’s entanglement with a demented cult leader.


Malum is a remake of the critically acclaimed horror film ‘Last Shift’ that came out in 2014. Anthony DiBlasi co-wrote and directed the movie, which revolves around a rookie police officer named Jessica Loren, who is tasked with guarding the abandoned police station on her last shift before the building is permanently shut down. As she spends the night alone in the station, she starts experiencing strange and terrifying occurrences that seem to be connected to the station’s dark past. The original version was praised for its atmosphere and tension throughout. Now that we’re all caught up on ‘Last Shift’ let’s talk about Malum.

In “Malum” DiBlasi takes the original premise of a rookie cop spending her first night alone in a haunted police station and adds new layers of psychological horror and the result is a tense and unsettling film that stands on its own while still paying homage to the original film. Overall, DiBlasi’s ability to remake his own work with such skill and creativity is a testament to his talent as a filmmaker. He is able to take familiar stories and make them feel fresh and exciting, which is a rare and valuable skill in the world of horror cinema.

The powerhouse performance by the lead Jessica Sula (who is no stranger to the horror genre, having starred in the hit indie horror film “Split”) in “Malum,” Sula solidifies her as one of the genre’s most talented young actresses. In “Malum,” Sula plays Jessica Loren, a troubled young woman who is haunted by a dark presence that seems to be following her every move. As the film unfolds, we learn more about Rachel’s past and the trauma that has led her to this point, and Sula’s performance is nothing short of mesmerizing. Sula brings a raw vulnerability to the role of Jessica,making us feel every ounce of her pain and fear. But she also brings a fierce strength to the character, making it clear that Jessica is not a victim, but a survivor who is determined to overcome her demons.

Diblasi’s film is a slow burn, building tension and suspense as it delves deeper into Rachel’s psyche. But Sula never lets the pace drag, keeping us invested in Jessica’s journey and making us care about her fate.Overall, “Malum” is a haunting and unsettling film that showcases Jessica Sula’s undeniable talent. As well as Anthony DiBlasi’s knack for creating a tense atmosphere with great tension and jump scares throughout placed perfectly.

Overall Grade: 5/5 Stars
Written By: AJ Friar

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