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London Vampire Subculture!

Who doesn’t want to live forever? Who wouldn’t want to never be parted from loved ones, never age, be a sexual dynamo with sartorial elegance and dark seductive power. 

Well the subculture youths of London certainly do and their identity of choice is the Vampire. They call themselves Sanguinarians, Vamps or Vampoids.

Erin Chapmen leader of a Facebook group of Vamps called Vampire Community, explains the word Sanguinarians as a person or group that drink human or animal blood.

Young Vampires may hook up or meet for Bite Parties where consensual blood drinking occurs. There are certain Goth clubs in London’s part scene where this activity also takes place. 

Vamps may also carry tiny vials of their lover’s blood around their necks as necklace love tokens or fetishes!

The sensual yet powerful vibe of the Vampire is apparently the reason most young people become attracted, enthralled and entangled with becoming a part of this dark subculture, they literally want to become creature’s of the night, roaming the streets of London or wherever they live in search of others of their peculiar persuasion.

Bite Me Magazine, offers information and advice to those interested in learning more about Vampires, like where to buy a coffin sleeping bag. 

The Vampire Realm of Darkness is another website devoted exclusively to Vampires. 

There is a thriving global community of Vampires who share their experiences, meeting places and stories online.

Dabbling with the occult seems to be an interwoven thread in the younger groups, some of the older groups seem to be mostly more concerned with film viewing discussions, trips to Transylvania and just hanging out with other Vamps! 

The Vampire Society of London was founded in 1973 by actors and their boast is that one of their sacred icons is the possession of Christopher Lee’s cloak.

One young female member of a Vampire group who calls herself Hirudo when interviewed said that she first realized that she was a Vampire when she was thirsty all the time and nothing would satisfy her. She then tried drinking blood and found it an Awakening experience. 

She calls herself a Vampiroid, because she doesn’t drink blood often or feels the cravings or need to drink blood all the time.

Young Vampire groups seem to have sprung up everywhere globally and they seem to have found a mutually diverse connection with each other particularly in becoming an underground  community that participates in activities that are strictly non-traditional or normal.

The partaking of Blood or supping from a loved one from small incisions is possibly part of the sexual excitement for many, the acting out of deviant behavior and rebellion against society’s norms may also add more thrills.

Whatever the attraction, becoming a Vampire seems to be a popular global trend that is here to stay. 

After digging a bit I even found a few Van Helsings in modern times!

Rt. Rev Sean Manchester who is the leader of Guardians Against Satanic Pollution, Highgate Vampire Society!

This all began with a nocturnal encounter with a bona fide Vampire by David Farrant of Hampstead, UK. 

He explained that While standing at the Highgate Cemetery gates late one evening he met a menacing dark figure lurking around the cemetery. 

Afterwards he wrote an article requesting information about sightings of this creature by anyone in the Highgate or Hampstead area.

After several responses he became very interested in investigating the matter, one response particularly concerned him. 

A gentleman named Sean Manchester claimed to know who or what the apparition was. He claimed it was an undead Vampire and Wallachian nobleman part of modern day Romania. 

These two men met and decided to go investigate the cemetery and try to perform an exorcism on the parasidic blood sucker!

After searching the grounds they saw that vaults, crypts and graves had been broken into and several dead foxes were also found. 

All these factors enraged and emboldened the two would be Vampire slayers So on Friday the thirteenth the two men along with some other volunteers met at the Highgate Cemetery to rage battle.

Unfortunately the local police had somehow caught wind of their schemes and foiled their plans. 

After the police left several other people were able to scale the walls of the cemetery that night and actually get inside. 

They reported being suddenly overwhelmed by a feeling of dread and terror which drove them away.

Newspapers quickly picked up the story of the Vampire raid and as a result David Farrant was branded as a real live Van Helsing!

Newspapers quickly picked up the story of the Vampire raid and as a result David Farrant was branded as a real live Van Helsing!

Is the Highgate vampire a bizarre mixture of facts and fantasy, do vampires really exist in London? 

Are the young antisocial Punks, Goths, Nebbish Cheugy, Wastoids of London’s underground Vampire subculture or just misguided generation z rejects? 

I leave that for you to decide but it is exciting to think about.

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