Kill Her Goats: A Bawdy Slasher Homage

The Horror Movie Collector is back with what appears to be a very special limited edition. Kill Her Goats, initially a Kickstarter crowdfunding project, is now available in 4K and Blu-ray. This passion-driven project promised to be a tribute to ’80s slashers, featuring Kane Hodder as the killer, all practical effects, and a gorgeous 4K limited steelbook. It can’t be bad, right? Right?

In her new home received as a graduation gift, a young woman and her friends are visited by a mysterious killer linked to the former owners. Directed by Steve Wolsh, this movie delivers everything slasher fans want: nudity, nudity, and more nudity. That’s it! Of course, nudity has often been synonymous with ’80s slashers, but this genre was much more than that. The intro scene perfectly exemplifies a slasher kill in the woods, but after that, useless characters are introduced, and half the movie consists of attractive women talking, drinking wine, changing clothes, taking showers, and more. If you want to see blood and killings, watch Pornhub and fast-forward through the first 45 minutes. No joke. It resembles a horror “Bleu Nuit” movie. It seems to be a pretext to film beautiful women instead of actually paying homage to the slashers. There are some tributes to horror movies, but not enough to please the fans. Kane Hodder is a solid killer, but unfortunately, we have to be very patient, and honestly, the wait isn’t really worth it.

At least the steelbook is stunning. It looks fantastic on a shelf. If you still want it, there are numerous options on the official website, along with many collectible items like an autographed gold foil lobby card, stickers, and various derived products such as t-shirts and soundtracks.

We give it 2/5 because it is well shot. The image is crystal clear, earning a 4/5. We see every curve of the women in splendid detail. As for the bonuses, it’s a big zero. There are none. They probably preferred to spend money on goodies.

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