‘John Wick 5’ in Early Stages of Development

It’s evident that Lionsgate is capitalizing on the triumph of the John Wick franchise with their plans for a Ballerina spinoff and a TV series called “The Continental.” Additionally, there is a fifth installment in the John Wick series that is currently in development, and to add to that, Wick will be making a comeback in the gaming world.

As stated in the most recent Lionsgate earnings call (via Comicbook), Joe Drake, Lionsgate Motion Picture Group President, has confirmed that a fifth John Wick movie is currently in the early stages of development. Additionally, the studio has plans to broaden their horizons beyond cinema, with ventures into the realm of “AAA video games,” as well as a “regular cadence of spin-offs” and TV shows.

Drake affirms that one thing that can be confirmed is the release of the first spinoff, Ballerina, next year. Additionally, there are currently three other projects in development, including John Wick 5 and a television series called “The Continental”, which is set to air shortly. The plan is to expand the John Wick universe, and the fifth movie will naturally grow out of the stories being told in these projects. Fans can expect a consistent release of John Wick content.

As previously noted, John Wick has ventured into the realm of video games with titles like John Wick Chronicles and John Wick Hex, both of which are VR shooters. However, creating a game along the lines of John Woo’s Stranglehold or Max Payne would likely be more feasible and a more effective way of utilizing the property. Only time will tell if this proves to be the case.

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