‘Jagged Mind’ Review: A Mind-Blowing Total Knockout

When Billie starts dating a mysterious new girlfriend, she suffers blackouts and strange visions that feel like she’s living the same moments of her life over and over.


‘Jagged Mind’ is a terrifyingly gripping movie that will make question your sanity during its runtime asking yourself what is real and what’s not. The movie focuses on Billie played by Maisie Richardson-Sellers who gives us a transcendent portrayal of a female losing her mind and seems to be living life in a horrific ‘Groundhog Day’ situation, reliving the worst and most toxic moments she’s endured during her relationship with Alex played by Shannon Woodward.

Director Kelley Kali and writer Allyson Morgan gets us to think about what we could do to leave a toxic situation that may make us feel like we’re trapped with no way out, as if it’s our own purgatory we’ve made in our mind. Fortunately for the audience they give us an empowering second and third act that should give Maisie-Richardson-Sellers some Emmy and Golden Globe recognition for a Best Actress in Limited Series Or Made For Television Movie.

‘Jagged Mind’ gives us a breath of fresh air for summer entertainment, while we’re used to big budget horror films coming out this time of year we get a great psychological thriller that calls for multiple viewings. Especially the second act is brilliantly constructed it’s mind-blowing to watch unfold, especially with the visuals, storytelling, and phenomenal acting makes ‘Jagged Mind’ a total knockout.

Overall Grade: 4/5 Stars

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