‘It’ is coming back with and HBO Max prequel series

While the first two chapters of the ‘It’ reboot was box office successes, it was met with mixed reactions of fans, mainly too sentimental towards Tim Curry not being Pennywise. Now we have news that HBO Max is getting ready to finally go forward with a prequel that will focus on the origin of Pennywise, which sounds pretty damn cool to me!

The first chapter to me was the best overall story while the second had spectacular performances and CGI that needed to be experienced on IMAX. For a franchise that has gained over $1.1 Billion at the global box office this is a huge risk to send it to HBO Max and WB will miss a lot of change at the box office. However, given that will be a series it can go much more into depth on the mythologies it wants to cover and could act as an anthology series if needed.

So what do you think of there being a writers room now open for a ‘It’ prequel series? Would you like WB to include flashbacks of Tim Curry’s Pennywise as well? After all with storytelling and cinematic universes we see now anything could be possible.

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