‘Infinity Pool’ Review – Destined to be one of the year’s best horror films

Brandon Cronenberg had shown potential with Possessor: Uncut a few years ago. Now, he has fully arrived with a hatchet to your head with his jarring unnerving psychological horror film Infinity Pool which stars new horror sensation Mia Goth and Alexander Skarsgård who both go all out for Brandon’s crazy idea. When I first saw the trailer for Infinity Pool it already skyrocketed toward my most anticipated film of the year.

Now it has met my expectations and requires multiple viewings on the biggest screen you can find. When we first arrive on the journey of Alexander and Cleopatra’s characters it feels like a nice vacation. Then we meet Mia Goth’s unique character who is a bull-in-a-china shop here to wreck everything for the main characters. The beginning of Infinity Pool is similar to The Forgiven. But the structure of the depths of the characters here is better executed.

Brandon Cronenberg has a sharp eye when it comes to the weird and unique. Infinity Pool is destined to become a cult classic Halloween season annual viewing and gives off major Alfred Hitchcock vibes. Infinity Pool is destined to be in this year’s top ten films. Also one of the best horror releases of 2023.

Overall Grade: 4/5 Stars

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