“In A Violent Nature” Review: A Brutally groovy time

In A Violent Nature” is a fresh take on the slasher genre, trading in high-octane action horror for a more meditative, psychological approach that some may call “elevated horror.” Directed by the innovative Chris Nash, this film offers a unique and chilling perspective by focusing on the killer’s point of view rather than the victims or the final girl.

The story centers around a group of friends who embark on a weekend camping trip, hoping to escape the stresses of their urban lives. However, what begins as a serene and picturesque retreat quickly spirals into a nightmare. The film meticulously builds tension, using the natural setting to create an atmosphere of creeping dread and suspense

In a world filled with repetitive slashers that bring nothing new to the table, “In A Violent Nature” rises above and beyond, proving itself to be a cut above the rest. One of the most compelling aspects of “In A Violent Nature” is its inversion of traditional horror tropes. It’s one of the smartest slasher films ever made. A las one of the main things that will cause “In A Violent Nature” not to have a huge crowd is the pacing which is slow but tension filled though out. Most audiences want non stop action and that isn’t “In A Violent Nature”.

Overall, the film won’t be for everyone. If you can stand the pacing and stay for the brilliant and brutal kills “In A Violent Nature” is one of the best slashers since “Hatchet” it’s a helluva gut-punch of a film that will leave you wanting more…. Or begging for it to end. Either way it’s worth a conversation.

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