HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA: TRANSFORMANIA is the first one out the franchise not directly underneath Adam Sandler, as he doesn’t lend his voice in this sequel that still stars Andy Samberg and Selena Gomez whom of which are an adorable voice over couple. Instead we have Brian Hill doing his best Adam Sandler impersonation here.

The monster pack are back including the knockout funny David Spade as the invisible man, who is actually perfectly cast- Side note, I have actually never seen one of these before because I tend to steer clear of Adam Sandler these days, as I’m for one not a fan of his comedy anymore. However, I may want to revise that after watching his family animated movies.

The story plays like a farce on the Universal Monsters or the Monster Mash music video that came out when I was a kid in an Macdonald’s happy meal for Halloween. It’s also a great Father Son bonding movie even if you’re watching it with your grandson with your son-in-law. It’s a perfect time for a movie like this to come to streaming as when most parents aren’t ready to take their kids to the theaters yet. Despite what the box-office for Spider-Man told us.

Overall grade: 2.5/5 stars

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