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Hannibal: Bon Appétit!

As a young filmmaker who strives for beauty in the dark and gruesome world of horror movies and media, I have stumbled across the Hannibal series and have been pleasantly surprised by the level of design and bloody artistry in each episode of this tasty morsel. 

While I do not empathize with serial killers in real life or in any show, I found the tidbits of understanding that the main character Will Graham has when trying to outwit and outmaneuver the criminals to be very engaging. The fact that this show has canon “Murder Husband” vibes is also a plus for me when watching!

As someone taking psychology and working towards a master’s degree, and as someone who has a bachelor’s in criminal justice, this was a wonderful treat. They really did their homework, and while some things are off, most of the time they are spot on and I really enjoyed watching the profiling and the modus operandi of each serial killer. I love clever horror, and shows that can lead you down the rabbit hole. Hannibal is one such show. Also, the references to the cannibalistic Native American legendary creature known as a Wendigo was also greatly appreciated, and in my mind, as someone who is really into folklore, I like to imagine that Hannibal is one such creature living among humans, just for grins!

Created for TV by Bryan Fuller, Hannibal is a TV adaptation/reimagining of Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon novel. The show follows the exploits of FBI criminal profiler Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) and their perpetual game of cat and mouse that unfolds over the series. When a string of murders in Minnesota requires a brilliant mind to crack the case, Will Graham is called in to investigate – but due to the intimate and terrifying nature of the crimes, he is appointed Dr. Lecter to act as his psychiatrist. The truth of Dr. Lecter is that he is Will’s target – but to complicate matters, he’s the only person who can truly understand him.

The acting in this is pretty top-notch, as each actor and actress brings their all to the scenes, and works to make the characters come to life (or death) believably. While there are moments of outrageousness, all in all it was quite delicious. 

I especially loved the relationship between Hannibal and Will Graham, I am firmly on Will’s side of the equation, as Hannibal is obviously suffering from an especially malevolent case of antisocial personality disorder, and a narcissist. Very unhealthy combination for anyone who is close to them emotionally. I very much enjoyed the scene where Hannibal stabs Will after Will has “Betrayed” him, and the very epic “break up” scene that followed.

Sorry Will, don’t get emotionally attached to serial killers. Never ends well… 

All in all, highly recommend watching the tv series Hannibal, and I am appalled that it took me so long to catch up with this feast of a series when I am such an avid horror enthusiast. Bon Appétit everyone, this series really hits the spot.

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    Glad you enjoyed it! I look forward to writing more tasty tidbits of horror! If you want to check out some of my other works, check out Blood Brothers Life Harvest, a zombie film I am directing! Thanks for your support of Infamous Horror and my post!

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