‘Gone in the Night’ Review

Gone in the Night is a savage mind bender of a horror film that will take you back to the peak of drive-ins b-horror movies. Winona Ryder gives her best movie performance in years as Kath, John Gallagher Jr. Is still performing at a very high level since I’ve first seen him 10 Cloverfield Lane. The chemistry between Winona and John is phenomenal a perfectly placed odd couple in a weird ass movie.

Owen Teague steals the movie in my opinion as most of his screen time is showcasing his range as a villain and as someone that could be portrayed as misunderstood. As the movie progresses it could be seen as silly, but it still sticks with its B-Horror movie vibes. Dermot Mulroney also has fantastic chemistry with the whole cast giving a redeeming performance after Umma felt forced and miscast.

In the end Gone in the Night is one wild ride, that you may have to suspend your disbelief at the premise which again is why they call some of it science fiction horror, while it may not be the best thing out there this summer, that is clearly Nope. But Gone in the Night is one of the more entertaining VOD movies out there right now for horror fans.

Overall rating: 3/5 stars

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