‘Flight Attendant’ Season 2 Review: A welcomed return for Kaley Cuoco and company

The Flight Attendant is back and grounded for a season 2 that has much more emotional depth, Kaley Cuoco showed the world her range in season one in the wild thrill ride that makes us reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock thrillers mixed in with a little ‘Red Eye’. The showrunners do an incredible job of keeping up with the pure unexpected magic of season one. The main thing that keeps season 2 going toe to toe with season 1 is the involvement of the other Cassandra Bowden’s.

One thing I think we can all agree on from seasons 1-2 is the involvement of Rosie Perez’s character Megan, she gives the show a much-needed veteran presence on the series. Zosia Mamet is definitely like Annie Mouradin is the true scene-stealer in season 2 keeping Cassandra in check throughout the season.

While I’ve seen the first six episodes of season 2 it’s a great success, even if the twists and turns are much more predictable this time around. The writing isn’t all there, it will still be one of the better series returning this year for Kaley Cuoco alone.

Overall Grade: 3.5/5 stars

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