Filming Has Officially Started on ‘Welcome to Derry’

Production for “Welcome to Derry,” a prequel to the two popular films based on Stephen King’s IT and directed by Andy Muschietti, began this month and is being broadcasted on HBO Max. Recently, Muschietti took to Instagram to share a sneak peek behind the scenes of the set, giving fans a first look into the production.

“The series will begin in the 1960s in the time leading up to the events of It: Part One, the 2017 film based on the Stephen King horror novel. The story is also said to include the origin story of Pennywise the Clown.”

Warner Bros. Television has enlisted Andy Muschietti, Barbara Muschietti, and Jason Fuchs for their Pennywise prequel endeavor. Andy Muschietti will be directing multiple episodes.

Starring in the film are Taylour Paige in the lead role of Zola, Jovan Adepo known for his work in “Watchmen,” Chris Chalk from “Perry Mason,” James Remar playing Oppenheimer, Madeleine Stowe who starred in “Revenge,” and Stephen Rider who is known for his role in “Daredevil.

The forthcoming prequel series will be led by Jason Fuchs, who has worked on projects such as Wonder Woman and Ice Age: Continental Drift, and Brad Caleb Kane, who has experience with shows like “Moonhaven,” “Black Sails,” and “Fringe.” Fuchs and Kane will share the responsibility of being co-showrunners for the series.

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