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[Fantastic Fest] ‘You’re Not Me’: A Lengthy Family Drama Thriller

Spanish directors Marisa Crespo and Moisés Romera premiered their latest film at Fantastic Fest, offering a suspenseful take on a cult subject.

Aitana pays a visit to her family in Brazil for Christmas, accompanied by her wife Gabi and their adopted baby. However, her arrival a few days earlier than expected takes a shocking turn as Aitana discovers she’s been replaced by a mysterious woman whom her parents treat as their own daughter. In a race against time, she must unravel this enigma while safeguarding her son’s life.

The film’s premise holds promise, but unfortunately, the narrative becomes entangled in ceaseless family discussions, leading to considerable confusion. Much like the main character, we find ourselves adrift, but this doesn’t effectively sustain the suspense. While there are a few commendable scenes, they are insufficient to sustain our engagement throughout the film.

The cinematography is well-executed, and the lead actress delivers a solid performance. Yet, we yearned for more suspense to infuse vigor into the plot. Horror elements do eventually make their appearance, but somewhat belatedly. Regrettably, the conclusion lacks impact, leaving us pondering, “Was all that build-up truly worth it?” We’re left with a sense of unresolved matters, and clarity remains elusive in this production. Sadly, it’s a film that may fade from memory relatively quickly.

Rating: 2.5/5

‘You’re Not Me’ will also be screened on September 25th.

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