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[Fantastic Fest] ‘Suburban Tale’: A Chilling Demonic Tale Worth the Shot

After It Lives Inside a horror film about Indian culture, it’s now Stephen Alexander’s turn to offer us Suburban Tale, perhaps one of the best Fantastic Fest movies of the year.

Radhika doesn’t like her job, and she can’t pay rent. As if her life wasn’t bad enough, she has to go home for her sister’s wedding, even though she hasn’t seen her family in years. But it gets worse because she discovers that her parents are keeping a child prisoner who is believed to be possessed by a demon, and they expect her to help keep him a secret. When she loses control over the young demon, Radhika begins to show signs of possession herself, as her youthful traumas resurface.

In his first film, Stephen Alexander uses possession as a metaphor for his character’s unhappiness. The mother/daughter relationship is particularly explored in this fantasy drama. The pressure, manipulation, and violence inflicted by the mother create a horror story that takes its toll on Radhika’s mental health, and the actresses convey the film’s message very effectively.

The visual effects of the possessed creature are truly successful and create a tense atmosphere that will send shivers down your spine. We must also highlight the quality of the cinematography, the colorization of which adds an additional layer to the suspense experienced by the protagonist. During the scenes of possession and madness, you genuinely feel like you’re living a nightmare. If you have the chance, Suburban Tale is a little gem that is worth the detour.

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