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[Fantasia] ‘Devils’ Review: A Gripping Korean Thriller With A ‘Face/Off’ Twist

Making his directorial debut, actor Jae-Hoon Kim captivates audiences with Devils, a thrilling rollercoaster ride starring Dae-hwan (Deliver Us from Evil) and Jang Dong-yoon (Project Wolf Hunting). Kim’s debut is not just impressive, it’s a promise of greater things to come.

The relentless Homicide Detective Jae-hwan is on a mission to capture the elusive serial killer Jin-hyuk, whose victims tragically include Jae-hwan’s own brother-in-law. Just as Jae-hwan finally corners his nemesis, a catastrophic car accident ensues. Jae-hwan regains consciousness in a hospital, only to realize that his and Jin-hyuk’s consciousnesses have switched bodies. Now, the time is ticking for Jae-hwan to reclaim his identity and protect his family.

Calling all fans of Korean cinema! Devils stands as a unique take on the body-switching premise, reminiscent of John Woo’s Face/Off yet distinctly different. The portrayal of the serial killer is chillingly authentic, complete with unnerving torture scenes and graphic effects that heighten the suspense. The character of the detective is full of surprises, contributing to the complexity of the plot. The standout performances by the lead actors, seamlessly transitioning between their roles, bring the film to life. The intricate storyline, laden with unexpected twists and turns, ensures you’re on the edge of your seat throughout, and you’ll undoubtedly find yourself revisiting the film to fully appreciate its nuanced narrative.


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