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[Fantasia] ‘Booger’ Review: A Riveting Horror-Drama Tailor-Made for Cat Aficionados

Acclaimed director Mary Dauterman returns to the Fantasia Festival, presenting a new feature film following her memorable short, Wakey Wakey, in the 2019 edition. Her latest production, Booger, created amidst the pandemic, explores themes of grief and isolation.

The film tells the story of Anna (portrayed by Grace Glowicki), a young woman grappling with the tragic loss of her best friend. Left to care for her deceased friend’s cat, Booger, the narrative takes a turn when Booger bites Anna and runs away. As Anna mourns her loss while frantically searching for the elusive feline, her day-to-day life begins to transform. An inexplicable craving for canned fish overtakes her, and she finds herself consuming her own hair as her world spirals into chaos.

Throughout the film, we accompany the lead character on her harrowing journey of grief. She suffers an infected bite, yet her sole focus remains on Booger, clouding her better judgement. Her actions often defy logic, and there are numerous instances where we wish we could urge her to seek medical attention. However, her depression acts as a barrier to her understanding and processing of her emotions. The director skillfully employs extreme close-ups of the protagonist to underscore her inner torment.

Initially, the supporting characters may seem mundane, yet their genuine concern and unwavering kindness towards Anna gradually endears them to us. The representation of her injury, enhanced by commendable special effects, is hauntingly realistic and often leaves the audience feeling uncomfortable—a testament to its success.

The slow metamorphosis into a were-cat adds an intriguing dimension to the plot, serving as a metaphor for the process of mourning. It’s probable that the festival programmers anticipated this unusual narrative would appeal to a niche audience—the fervent cat enthusiast. As such, cat lovers will likely enjoy this movie. However, for those not as captivated by feline-centric content, it may be advisable to consider skipping this one as the storyline is heavily reliant on this theme.


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