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Fan Film Alert : Valentine Bluffs: a fan film

Valentine Bluffs is a fan film that serves as a tribute to the original My Bloody Valentine.

The film was directed by Tom ‘Smitty’ Smith and was released in 2023. The movie follows a group of friends who decide to visit Valentine Bluffs on Valentine’s Day, unaware of the town’s dark history. They soon realize that a killer is on the loose and must fight to survive.

Valentine Bluffs pays homage to the original movie while also adding its own twist to the story. The film features similar elements, such as the mining town setting and a killer in mining gear, but also incorporates new ideas and characters. The film also has a strong emphasis on practical effects, creating a realistic and terrifying atmosphere.

Valentine Bluffs manages to pack a punch and delivers a suspenseful and thrilling horror experience. It has gained a following among horror fans and is considered one of the best fan films in the genre.

Storyline : After the horrific events that took place in Valentine Bluffs, TJ and Sara struggle to move on with their lives in a new town. Circumstances force TJ to move back to his hometown, where he tries to start a new life. 40 years pass, and the town of Valentine Bluffs has forgotten the names of Axel Palmer and Harry Warden. The next generation is getting ready to celebrate the big Valentine’s Day dance. All seems well, until an ominous figure wielding a pick axe appears, leaving a trail of carnage behind.

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