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Fan film alert : The Sawyer Massacre

The Sawyer Massacre” is a Texas Chainsaw Massacre Fan film that was released on YouTube on Octobeer 21st 2022. It was written and directed by Steve Merlo, with Charlie Brady serving as the cinematographer and AD.

To this date, the movie got more then 120 000 views

Storyline : On June 30th, 1965, Jimmy’s friends bring him to the Texas countryside to escape city life after a terrible tragedy. In need of supplies for their cabin, they ascend to a nearby gas station where they are directed to find their supplies at an isolated farmhouse but this property is not as it seems. They soon find themselves hunted by a cannibalistic psychopath with an arsenal of violent tools at his disposal. If any live through the nightmare, they’ll wish they hadn’t.

Here’s the official trailer and the full movie (it’s age restricted which means you need to log on youtube to watch it).


  • Scotty March 28, 2023

    Hey, my name is Scotty. I play Leatherface in The Sawyer Massacre. Thank you very much for your support and hope you enjoy the movie

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