Exorcism in Utero: When You Can’t Categorize It

“Exorcism in Utero” will be available on VOD on May 23rd, 2023.

It tells the story of a woman who must save her unborn child and herself when she becomes possessed by a powerful ring.


The film begins with the biggest horror movie clichés: a woman arrives in a new city and has to live with someone she does not know. She has to house-sit during the family’s vacation period. Being a little too curious, she ventures into the only place forbidden by the family. She touches everything, even putting on a ring that is locked under a glass dome. And there, her nightmare begins.

The film has enormous story potential and could have been a revival for possession films. This is explained by the fact that it is the baby she is carrying who is possessed, not the main character. Unfortunately, the cinematic quality is not up to par for this production.

The major problem with this movie is the acting. All the actors, without exception, deliver exaggerated performances. As a result, the viewer is unable to connect with the characters because the story feels false and not taken seriously.

Additionally, the quality of the dialogue seems to have been either poorly written or even improvised during filming. The dialogue is subpar, and it feels like watching a summer play performed by an amateur troupe. This doesn’t help the actors in making the story and their performances believable.

What is frustrating about this film is that it had real potential. There is a character who is a teenager addicted to horror movies. However, this aspect could have been utilized if the film had continued in the direction of a comedic parody of horror films, explaining the actions of this character. Unfortunately, it is only superficially used to highlight the ignorance of his family towards him.

Just as the horror could have unfolded, the end abruptly arrives. We are left with a 1 hour and 20-minute setup for an interesting 10-minute story. Similarly, the editing could have been better controlled to enhance the horrific aspect during this long setup, which is, in fact, the film itself.

The film struggles to be classified in the horror genre due to the aforementioned points. While the cinematographic quality understandably leaves much to be desired, one could believe it to be a comedic parody of possession films. However, the film seems to want to take itself seriously, as no jokes are executed in a deliberate and controlled manner.

In conclusion, this movie could have been a great horror film if it were done by someone with a good understanding and expertise in the genre. The production presented here is a result that was mishandled, poorly acted, and struggles to be easily categorized within a cinematic genre.

Overall grade: 2/5 stars

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