‘Dual’ Blu-ray Review

Dual, finally comes out on DVD, Blu-Ray, and Digital from RLJE Films and it’s a spectacular release that does the film major service the people who spent time putting this release together did a great job with the sound and picture quality transfer. I have seen some bad transfers from RLJE, so it was great seeing this one get the transfer it deserved.

The movie itself is an offbeat science fiction film that is destined to be a cult classic once people can watch it at home, it did not play at a lot of theaters, it played here at AMC theaters, especially around the time that people are still concerned with going to the movies before MCU and Jurassic World brought home the box office revenue.

Aaron Paul and Karen Gillian are both at the top of their game here and it gives Paul a great chance to show his acting chops with a lot of recent movie projects of his telling him to be another Jesse Pinkman, or ended up completely wasting him like Triple Nine.

This is also the director’s follow-up to The Art of Self-Defense, so far Riley Stearns is two for two with me. Though his style may be too offbeat and slow for some, it hits home for me. The only gripe I have with the Blu-ray release is there’s not much in the special features department. Just a basic Directors commentary and Making of Dual.

Overall Grade: 3.5/5 stars

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