‘Demonic Toys: Jack-Attack’ Review: A Thrilling Ride with Killer Toys

The Demonic Toys franchise may not be as popular as Puppet Master, but it has built a large cult following. William Butler is responsible for the franchise’s comeback, first reviving the Demonic Toys universe in 2010 with Demonic Toys: Personal Demons and then creating a spin-off universe featuring the character Baby Oopsie. Now, he’s back with Demonic Toys: Jack-Attack.

In this film, a young orphaned girl without the ability to speak discovers that she has been gifted with the notorious Jack in the Box from the Demonic Toys. Starring Taylor Abigail Rice, Sean Ramey, and Carson Polish, Demonic Toys 3 offers a simple story that is well-suited to Full Moon’s 60-minute movie format. While the writing and acting are average, the film’s short runtime works in its favor.

The focus of the movie is on one toy from the franchise: Jack Attack, along with a psycho clown killer. While Jack is cool, the film lacks the carnage that fans of the franchise have come to expect. The limited budget is evident, but the use of practical effects rather than CGI is a welcome change from the second installment. The murders are still satisfyingly gory and cheesy.

Demonic Toys: Jack-Attack may not be the best entry in the franchise, but it’s still an enjoyable ride for fans of these funny killing toys. The film is available for streaming on Full Moon Features.


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