‘Death Count’ Review: Michael Madsen is a knockout

Death Count is the new movie produced by the Mahal brothers, it’s their usual style of B-horror drive-in style cinema. Michael Madden is awesome as hell in Death Count, as well as Devanny Pinn, however, they seem to be the only players who came to play in the film. This is not as good as Art of The Dead or Attack of The Unknown.

The editing is also a huge let down for Death Count, especially in the first act it is insanely rough to watch. Then the editing gets better but not by much. The gore effects are awesome but it does seem laughable at times. I always root for the Mahal brothers, Death Count feels out of place in their filmography so far. It did feel like a mix of Cube and Saw with the way the script played out through the film.

In the end Death Count will not go down as a great movie like I wanted it to be, but instead a serviceable drive-in style movie in a cheesy way. That will remind you a lot of what you miss from B-Grade horror movies from the 1980’s. Fans of Michael Madden and Devanny Pinn will have a rock solid good time with Death Count.

Overall grade: 2/5 stars
Written By: AJ Friar

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