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Creepy Friday the 13th Facts

Besides the terrifying film Friday the 13th, did you ever pay any attention to why this day is so FREAKY? So, ok, you never walk under an open ladder if you can help it, or let a black cat cross your path, but what about the Friday the 13th superstition? Let us jump head first into the frightening black pool about real facts about the number 13 and why it is so unlucky. 

It all began at the last supper, yea, you guessed it, old Judas was the 13th to arrive at the last supper. Cha-ching! That is a pretty big number 1! 

Moving to number 2, King Phillip IV of France arrested all the Knights templar on Friday October 13 1307 and eventually executed them! 

Number 3, the Germans bombed Buckingham Palace on Friday the 13th, 1940! 

Number 4, the tarot card number 13 is the death card and is represented by the Grim Reaper! So that is damn creepy on my scar-o-meter! 

Number 5, there are 13 stairs to a guillotine, 13 knots in a hangman’s noose, and back in the day, public executions used to be held on Friday, preferably the 13th! 

Number 6, there are several famous serial killers that have 13 letters in their names, get this! John Wayne Gacy, Theodore Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer, Jack the Ripper, and Charles Manson! 

As a true believer in the supernatural myself, I can only advise you that the next time you are planning a friday the 13th outing, I recommend you take out your tarot cards and have a look see, if you draw out the death card, you might think again! Happy Friday the 13th all!

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