Faces of Death getting a remake treatment

Original synopsis: Faces of Death is a ‘mockumentary’ hosted by Dr. Francis B. Gross, a coroner. He is trying to show you the different ‘faces’ of people while dying. There are faked scenes of people getting killed intermixed with footage of real accidents.

“Faces of Death” was a controversial video that gained notoriety in the 1980s and 1990s. The film, which claimed to show real footage of death and violence, depicted scenes such as animal slaughter, car accidents, suicides, and executions, among others. The graphic nature of the content was shocking to many viewers, and the film sparked a debate about whether or not it was ethical to distribute such footage.

While some defended the film as an important work of art that explored the darker side of human nature, others condemned it as nothing more than a sensationalistic and exploitative product designed to shock and horrify audiences. Despite the controversy, “Faces of Death” went on to become a cult classic and spawned several sequels and imitations.

It’s worth noting, however, that many of the scenes in the film were actually staged or faked, and that much of the footage was taken from other sources, such as news reports and documentary films. Nevertheless, the film remains a significant part of horror and cult film history.

Now news has come out today, that we’re getting a remake starring ‘Stranger Things’ Dacre Montgomery. Knowing how the original was mainly a collection of videos. This new take could be much more accessible as a narrative film. Legendary Entertainment and producers Don Murphy and Susan Montford’s company Angry Films. Will help distribute the remake directed by Cam director Daniel Goldhaber and writer Isa Mazzei.

What do you think of Faces Of Death getting a remake?

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