“Colonials” Review: Live Action Does Not Guarantee Better Production

“Colonials” is now available on VOD

On his mission from Mars, a space colonist’s ship is attacked by a Moon-based civilization and crash lands on Earth. Having lost his memory, he joins forces with a Resistance to save the galaxy from human extinction.


Let’s start by addressing what’s wrong with this movie. The biggest weak point of this production is the humans!

The humans in this movie do not fit well into the production aesthetic. A 3D overlay of the actors on green screens cannot be certified as cinema quality. The actors’ hands pass through the decor and the objects, and they also seem to run in place when they should be moving forward.

But if we exclude humans from the film, we have the right to a good production. If the film had been entirely made using computer graphics (97% of the film is already made using this process), we would have had the right to an animated film that could really appeal to many. The movie has a great story that keeps our attention from start to finish. Although the story is simple and familiar, the feature film manages to make us forget that we already know the main lines of the story.

The production also has a good dose of humor to please the whole family. However, the jokes are repetitive because there is only one piece of music that accompanies them. Speaking of the film’s soundtrack, the tracks in this production are truly catchy and manage to enhance the quality of the action and suspense sequences in the feature film. So during the tense scenes, we really feel the level of stress, which emotionally attaches us to the characters in the film.

The ending of the film is quick and leaves us anticipating a potential sequel. A sequel wouldn’t be a bad idea because Colonials has great potential, but they would either have to improve the quality of the special effects or make it 100% animated.

In the end, it’s a science fiction film with great potential, but it’s poorly executed due to the integration of 3D humans into the computer-generated image sets. However, if we overlook its mediocre effects, we have an interesting and intriguing production that deserves to be watched.

Overall rating: 2.5/5 stars

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