[Clip] The Eye Trap is Revealed in the First Clip of ‘Saw X’

Jigsaw announces in the first clip of Saw X, which is to be released on September 29th, that he would like to initiate a game that could possibly confront your habit of having ‘sticky’ fingers.

The scene opens with a man awakening to find himself securely bound to a chair. His eyes are forced open by a device that clamps around them, while his fingers are connected to a complex series of mechanical contraptions. John Kramer, known as Jigsaw, reveals that this man is a hospital custodian and proposes a challenge. He has a limited 60 seconds to complete the game successfully, or he risks losing his eyesight – and possibly his life. With each turn of the dial, a finger is cranked back, resulting in immediate breakage. The fate of the man’s eyesight after a failed attempt remains uncertain.

The notorious John Kramer, portrayed by Tobin Bell, has returned to participate in the unknown installment of Jigsaw’s ultimate challenges.

Taking place between the occurrences of Saw I and II, John, who is both ill and desperate, embarks on a journey to Mexico to undergo an experimental medical procedure that is both dangerous and uncertain. His goal is to find a miraculous cure for his cancer. However, he soon realizes that the entire operation is fraudulent and preys on the most vulnerable individuals.

The notorious murderer resumes his gruesome work, employing his signature brand of brutality to outsmart the swindlers with cunning, insane, and inventive traps. Amanda, portrayed by Shawnee Smith, will be making a comeback in the tenth installment of the Saw franchise.

The lineup for Saw X features Renata Vaca, who starred in “Midnight Family,” Paulette Hernandez of “Crown of Tears,” Joshua Okamoto from “Control-Z,” Octavio Hinojosa of “Come Play With Me,” Synnøve Macody Lund known for her role in “Ragnarok,” Steven Brand who appeared in “The Sandman,” and Michael Beach who starred in “Dahmer.

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