‘Christmas Cruelty!’ Review- A Cringe-Worthy Good Time

Christmas Cruelty! is a 2013 Norwegian slasher film written and directed by Magne Steinsvoll and Per-Ingvar Tomren and co-written by Eline Aasheim, Anita Nyhagen and Janne Iren Holseter.

Christmas Cruelty is a cult horror classic that fans of obscure foreign horror films will love forever. It has a familiar setup by the premise of the number that is elevated by its cast and an awesome soundtrack. Thanks Unearthed Films(a suitable label for titles like these hard-to-find gems) brings us a glorious gory film.

Christmas Cruelty! Is an excellent Norwegian slasher film that has its fair share of flaws, but is overall a solid fun time during the holiday season, even if you’re like me and don’t necessarily enjoy gore just for the shock feature which Unearthed Films are known for. It has more value to storytelling.

The acting is sublime by all the cast involved including the demented Santa. The movie moves relatively fast while cringe-worthy with the gore it is a horror fiend’s best dreams come true. It will be up to you if you love the movie or not. I am thankful to Unearthed Films and Stephen Biro for bringing a new audience to this and future films they rerelease.

Overall Grade: 3.5/5 Stars

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