Brand New Poster & Trailer For “That’s a Wrap”

Director Marcel Walz’s latest horror film, That’s a Wrap, is set to make its world premiere at Popcorn Frights in Florida, followed by its international premiere at FrightFest in London.

Additionally, audiences will be able to access the film on various digital platforms starting from August 25, courtesy of Quiver Distribution.

Upon the conclusion of filming, the cast of a movie gathers at a celebratory event known as a wrap party. However, an unexpected turn of events occurs when an individual dons the attire of the film’s slasher character and proceeds to orchestrate their own murder sequences. Gradually, the members of the cast vanish in succession, ultimately exposing the genuine purpose behind the evening.


Starring in a film penned by Joe Knetter and Robert L. Lucas are Cerina Vincent (known for her role in Cabin Fever), Monique T. Parent (who appeared in Jurassic City), Sarah French (featured in Space Wars: The Quest for Deepstar), Gigi Gustin (who starred in The Retaliators), and Dave Sheridan (best known for his role in The Devil’s Rejects).

The collaborative effort of Joe Knetter, Marcel Walz, and Sarah French, along with the executive producers BJ Mezek, Andreas Tremmel, Justus Heinz, Yazid Benfeghoul, Tina Limbeck, Robert L. Lucas, and Kai E. Bogatzki, results in the production of this project.

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