[Review] Beneath Us All

“ Beneath Us All” starring Maria Olsen, presents a gripping narrative that delves deep into the intricacies of human emotions. Olsen’s performance shines brilliantly, captivating audiences with her profound depth and emotional range. The film adeptly navigates through thought-provoking themes, leaving viewers in contemplation long after the credits roll. Its compelling storytelling and stellar cast make “Beneath Us All” a must-watch, especially for fans of family-friendly horror and thriller genres.

A soon-to-be 18-year-old foster child stumbles on a Yggdrasil pendant and unintentionally releases an evil presence disguised as an injured man. As the presence continues to gain power, it becomes a race to save her family.


Sean Whalen is flawlessly cast as the villain, Todd Gibbs, a fiery husband and group home father whose commanding presence dominates every scene, marking this role as a career best for him. The child actors also hold their ground as formidable performers alongside Maria and Sean, respectively.

Angelina Danielle Cama delivers a breakthrough performance as the protagonist, Julie. Her authenticity and genuine emotions make her seem like a seasoned actor, promising a very bright future in the industry. Malachi Myles delivers a gut-wrenching and touching performance as the young kid, Stephen, displaying resilience despite facing immense adversity throughout the film. His portrayal makes it hard to believe the challenges his character endures.

The shift in genre adds an intense layer to Julie’s character as she strives to keep everyone, especially Stephen, safe from the unknown forces revealed while questioning Todd and Janelle about it.”Beneath Us All” could serve as an excellent choice for a casual yet engaging watch during a laid-back weekday afternoon. The film’s genuine acting is fueled by heartfelt performances, promising plenty of intriguing moments worth exploring.

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