‘Beast’ Blu-Ray Review

Beast is the new horror-thriller adventure starring ‘Luther’ star, Idris Elba. Unfortunately, there’s no real plot to care about in the movie written by Ryan Engle has to be one of the worst screenplays of the year for a theatrical release and has Razzie awards written all over it. The dialogue is awful between the family and Shaltro Copley is as wooden as a board. The direction of the film also leads to a film so predictable you’d forget it was made for adults.

I’ve been covering Elba’s career for a long time now since Luther and The Office guest appearances some will even remember his guest spot on Absolutely Fabulous. This rivals some of his worst work, along with the likes of Obsessed, Takers, and No Good Deed. It was unfortunate for the cast when they made this movie and it’s not even an anti-animal movie, there’s nothing that could save this film for me.

I’m sure some will enjoy it because the runtime is only 80 minutes long, short enough to fit two movies in the day or night if you wanted a double feature. The Blu-ray disc itself didn’t blow me away either. The picture transfer was fine, however, the sound seemed tame and didn’t have the speaker-shattering sound I’ve grown accustomed to.

The special features came with deleted scenes, and featurettes but nothing that will stick out. I wouldn’t recommend you buy the film on disc unless you’re a die-hard collector and it’s on sale for under $9.

Overall Grade: 1/5 Stars

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