‘As Above So Below’ Meets ‘The Descent’ In French Horror Film ‘Deep Fear’

The Belgian/French survival horror film, Deep Fear, now available for streaming on SCREAMBOX, combines the elements of The Descent and As Above, So Below in a thrilling cinematic experience.

Deep Fear takes audiences on a thrilling journey through the catacombs of Paris, where a simple post-graduation celebration quickly transforms into a desperate fight for survival. This heart-pounding adventure is also accessible on all Video on Demand (VOD) platforms.

A group of three students decide to commemorate their graduation with a trip to the famous Paris catacombs. Unbeknownst to them, their exploration leads them to stumble upon an abandoned bunker that was once occupied by the Nazis. However, what they are unaware of is that they are not alone in this dark underground maze. Something, or someone, lurks within the catacombs, now on a relentless hunt for them.

The claustrophobic terror is skillfully directed by Grégory Beghin, who works from a script written by Nicolas Tackian. Starring in the film are Sofia Lesaffre, Victor Meutelet, Joseph Olivennes, and Kassim Meesters.

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