Anticipation Builds for Sasha Rainbow’s Debut Feature “Grafted”

The horror genre is set to welcome a fresh, innovative perspective with Sasha Rainbow’s debut feature film, “Grafted.” As a rising star director, Rainbow is no stranger to the creative world, having initially made a name for herself through music videos and short documentaries before transitioning into film​​.

The UK sales agent, Mr. Smith Entertainment, has recently unveiled “Grafted” as one of the most anticipated genre titles in the Marché​​. The film, penned by Mia Maramara, Hweiling Ow, and Lee Murray, follows a bright but socially awkward Chinese scholarship student arriving in Auckland to study biology and continue the work of her late scientist father.

Rainbow’s take on this horror narrative explores themes of identity theft and an unhealthy obsession with beauty, drawing parallels with the iconic “Frankenstein” story. These elements are expected to bring a unique layer of complexity to the film, making it a refreshing departure from standard genre tropes.​

Shooting for “Grafted” took place in Auckland, utilizing a mix of private homes, university buildings, and urban areas to bring the story to life. Currently, Rainbow is in the post-production phase, carving out the final version of the film in the calm tranquility of the cutting room​.

Inspiration for Rainbow’s approach to filmmaking stems from the works of Emerald Fennel and Jordan Peele, whose debut features were both socially insightful and thrilling in their storytelling. The director’s future projects include the film “The Actress,” described as a twisted modern fairy tale with a ‘Knives Out’ quality set in Hollywood, and a miniseries, “Jack and Rochelle,” a true love story set during World War II​.

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